About Me

Hey! I'm Jesi - I have been selling at Craft Shows since 2008 with my baby gift business Hip Violet. Over the years I have set up my little booth at shows with 10 shoppers and 30,000 shoppers, in gorgeous masonic temples and in greasy former service stations (and that one time on Shakedown Street at Phish!). I have always gotten a huge amount of satisfaction from learning how to set up a successful craft show booth and helping my friends do the same. This book and consulting idea took shape over many years after learning what roadblocks many makers have when getting started selling in-person. I still get ridiculously excited when I discover new tips and tricks to make shows easier and more profitable, and I love to share what I learn!

I live just outside of Denver, CO with my husband, two kids and two dogs. I love ponies, baby goats, sour cream, reading books and geeking out over cool booth layouts with my fellow friendors.

You can shop at Hip Violet here!

Contact me at jesi@TheCraftyWorks.com